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An international forum for presentations and discussions on advances for future fuel cycles and waste management


Due to COVID-19, the conference has been cancelled
Energy perspectives for the current century are dominated by the anticipated significant increase of energy needs due to the population growth and the likely economic development of emerging countries. Particularly, electricity consumption is anticipated to increase by a factor higher than two before 2050. Furthermore, the global climate change has now been proven to be partially related to the release of greenhouse gases from anthropogenic activities, including energy production. Considering that about 80% of our current primary energy comes from fossil energies, we have to face in the near-future a challenging issue: meeting the increasing energy needs while curbing the GHG emissions.

From this perspective, nuclear energy is considered as a potential contributor to the future energy portfolio to meet the energetic needs while preserving the climate but it also has to demonstrate that it can contribute safely and on a sustainable way. Its acceptance is closely associated to our capability to reduce the lifetime of the nuclear waste, to manage them safely and to propose options for a better use of the natural resources.

This cannot be achieved only by optimizing industrial processes through engineering studies. It is of a primary importance to increase our fundamental knowledge in actinide sciences in order to build the future of nuclear energy on reliable and scientifically-founded results, and therefore meet the needs of the future fuel cycles in terms of fabrication and performance of fuels, reprocessing and waste management. Therefore, for its sixth edition and in the continuation of the series, the organisers propose to focus the ATALANTE Conference on the nuclear chemistry issues for all the fuel cycles and waste management options by giving the floor the international nuclear chemistry community through more than 150 oral contributions. In addition, a poster session will be the opportunity to enlarge this number of contributions.

Oral and poster presentations will be invited on subjects and issues that cover almost all the fields of the nuclear chemistry related to current and future nuclear fuel cycles including molten salt reactors.


Atalante 2020 will include discussions on:
  • Actinide and fission product chemistry
  • Uranium ore processing and purification
  • Actinide separation**
  • Pyrochemistry and chemistry for molten salt reactor fuel cycle
  • Actinide material
  • Waste conditioning and long-term evolution
  • Geological repository nuclear chemistry
  • Safeguards and analytical developments

**The separation chemistry session will be organised as the Geniors International Workshop

Key dates

Abstracts submission EXTENDED
until 31 January 2020
Acceptance of abstracts
15 February 2020
Fullpaper submission (draft version)
until 31 March 2020
Fullpaper submission (final version)
until 31 May 2020
Early booking
From December 2019 until 31 March 2020



A maximum of 100 abstracts will be selected by the Program Committee (Chairman: Stéphane Bourg, CEA) for full paper submission. These full papers will be published in an online dedicated issue (EPJ-WoC and EPJ-N), well referenced in databases. These proceedings will be published by the end of December 2020. Full papers can only be accepted and published when at least one of the authors is registered to attend the conference.


The ATALANTE 2020 International Conference will be organised in the Corum de Montpellier.

Located between the Rhône valley and the Pyrenees, at only 10 minutes from the Mediterranean coast, Montpellier is a millennium city in the heart of the southern wine-producing region. It has become a major commercial, cultural and tourist hub, and features an exceptional conference centre, the Corum.

Registration fees

Normal Regsitration: 735€
(early registration 630€)

Student registration: 630€
(early registration 525€)

Conference dinner included.
Accompanying person: 70€ for the dinner.

Participants are responsible for booking their own accommodations


Abstract submission

Download the template for the submission of abstract here

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